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Environmental Health Together register

Environmental Health Together enables local authorities to connect with environmental health professionals to support the emergency response to COVID-19.

The environmental health profession has played a critical role in protecting public health during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As this crisis continues, it is clear that the profession has never been more vital, however many local authorities (LAs) are finding that there is a shortage of Environmental Health Practitioners (EHPs) to help them deal with impact of the pandemic.

The Environmental Health Together register has therefore been created to connect suitably qualified EHPs with LAs in England to help them access the skills they desperately need.

The register is Government-backed, hosted by the Local Government Association (LGA) and qualityassured by CIEH. It is currently only available to LAs in England, however it is anticipated that many roles will be based remotely so applications are invited from across the UK.

Environmental Health Practitioners

If you have relevant environmental health qualifications and are available to work, you can apply to the register now. It will be of particular interest if you are a public or private sector consultant with additional capacity at this time, on furlough, a recent retiree wanting to give back to your community, or a new graduate in need of work and valuable experience.

Please note that the register is intended to provide local authorities with additional capacity, and therefore not aimed at or appropriate for those individuals already working for one. The Candidate Information Pack includes more information including FAQs on eligibility, the application process and how to take up employment.

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Local authorities

If you are working in a LA and trying to recruit staff to assist with the pandemic response, you can find out more about the register and how to access it. Due to the sensitive nature of recruitment, if you are not the most appropriate person to register for access, please pass the details to who within your organisation is.

The guide to the candidate selection process includes FAQs and more information about how to recruit from the register.

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