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Spring 2017 marked the launch of CIEH’s brand new flexible work-based learning programmes, and the beginning of a new way of working together with our profession and the public they train and protect. It's something we call 'Partners in Professionalism'.  

Our current portfolio includes Food Safety, Occupational Health & Safety, HACCP and First Aid at Work.

Benefits of CIEH work-based learning programmes

  • CIEH is an awarding body at the forefront of the environmental health profession, offering a new way of working underpinned by 144 years of expertise 
  • We are the professional body for environmental health and a training provider that you can trust
  • Our new way of working gives you greater flexibility as it empowers you to deliver training that is tailored to fit your learners, at a pace and scale that suits them
  • We are a market leader and have a pedigree of delivering high quality training programmes
  • CIEH know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we designed a suite of learning programmes that fit the demands and requirements of the individual learner 
  • We provide value for money, with a cost-effective pricing model that supports you no matter the size of your audience

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