An apprenticeship is a great way for employers to boost their workforce, whether that be developing existing staff or with a new recruit. Apprenticeships have traditionally been a great way to invest in the local community by providing opportunities for local young people to gain a profession and skills.

However, how apprenticeships can be used has changed and they could offer you an opportunity to invest in your current staff. This alternative can be more efficient than hiring new recruits and is likely to increase productivity, as well as future-proofing your workforce. There are also a range of funding incentives which can also make it a very cost-effective option.

I truly believe that this apprentice programme is a new way to become a valuable member of society and help protect public health in the future. Steve Nelson, Global Retail Audit Delivery, NSF

To assist employers who may be considering whether apprenticeships may be right for their organisation, we have compiled the following guidance on the costs and the process of setting one up, alongside a useful toolkit of resources. Our case studies also share the experiences of two employers who are successfully using apprenticeships to help them support their teams and plans. 

Find out more about how apprenticeships can benefit your organisation with our case studies.

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