Press releases

Windfarm on hills

Heatpump in sunny garden

CIEH and IOA launch new heat pump briefing notes

Hydraulic fracking machine amidst sunny background

CIEH welcomes UK Government fracking U-turn

Hydraulic fracking machine


A conceptual image showing a lung-shaped lake in a lush and pristine jungle

A breath of fresh air: meeting with England’s Chief Medical Officer

CIEH Climate Emergency Programme

Climate change hub launched to support environmental health professionals

A bird's-eye view of a coastal city

Standing up for environmental health protections in the face of deregulation

Hand holding a paper heart with the words 'World Environmental Health Day 26 September 2022'

Celebrating World Environmental Health Day

An Environmental Health Practitioner on a health and safety site visit

Implementing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: strengthening environmental health systems

Group of demonstrators with banners fighting for climate change

Last chance saloon

Thermometer with sun

Climate emergency: our collective role

A person holding up a sign that says 'We need a change'

Climate change hub

Our climate change hub brings together our campaigning, policy work, blogs and resources to help the profession use their expertise to address the climate emergency and campaign for change.